Global & Latin America Sessions in English


13th December

Alexandra Valsamakis: Welcome to IRIDS 2021

Martin Möckel: Challenges to Managing and Diagnosing Patients Presenting with Respiratory Symptoms

Tim Rawson: Global Challenges and Strategies to Combat AMR


Emma Hannay: How lessons from COVID-19 can be used to inform the next major pandemic

‘Rising to the Challenge’ fireside discussion

Miguel Luis O'Ryan: The experience of Chile with COVID-19


Antonio Pignatari: AMR in LATAM and the role of new rapid diagnostics

Miguel Luis O'Ryan, Antonio Pignatari: Q&A


14th December

Alexandra Valsamakis: Welcome to IRIDS 2021

Ameeta Singh: The Global Trends and Challenges of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Francesco Negro: Global Challenges in Hepatitis Diagnostics


Colm O’Mahony: The Importance of Sexual Health Services

Ameeta Singh, Colm O’Mahony: Q&A

Pedro Cahn: The new challenges of the HIV epidemic in LATAM


Francisco Rodriguez Frias: Access to viral hepatitis diagnostics and the use of the plasma separation card

Pedro Cahn, Francisco Rodriguez Frias: Q&A


15th December

Alexandra Valsamakis: Welcome to IRIDS 2021

Camille Kotton: Safer Transplants: Viral Load Monitoring in Transplant Patients

Francisco López Medrano: The Future of Transplantation


Camille Kotton, Francisco López Medrano: Q&A

Eduardo Levi: The future of Chagas disease diagnostics and the role of molecular testing

Eduardo Levi: Q&A


Sanjat Kanjilal: The Future of ID Diagnostics

Sanjat Kanjilal: Q&A


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