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Reagents for molecular diagnostics

Today’s molecular diagnostics are more than a target and an assay. They operate in a fast-paced, demanding setting, delivering accurate data on time without added workload. Such creations are forged from reagents that empower performance and possibilities.


Enable easy, straightforward workflows

Simple handling and reliable results build trust in your diagnostic.
Create a product that saves time and effort with:
  • inhibitor-tolerant enzymes that cut back sample preparation and ease execution
  • lyo-ready reagents that extend shelf life and simplify transport and storage
  • Long-time storage of lyophilized KAPA3G polymerase
  • Inhibitor-tolerant DNA polymerases (KAPA3G)
  • Inhibitor-tolerant enzymes for RNA detection (HawkZ05)


One enzyme, two analytes
Learn more about HawkZ05 Fast

Lyo-ready highly thermostable reverse transcriptase

Deliver on speed for today’s diagnostics

Make your diagnostic even more useful. Ensure that your time-to-result supports
quick decision-making. Fine-tune timing with:
  • reagents that enable fast protocols
  • robust enzymes that work with crude samples
  • Fast protocols for RNA detection (HawkZ05 Fast)
  • Fast protocols for DNA detection (KAPA3G)


Sample to answer in under 60 min
Meet the new KAPA3G

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